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Welcome to WLTV!

Great that you have become a member or are thinking of becoming a member of the Waalrese Lawn Tennis Vereniging (Club). We are an active club with approximately 500 members and rely greatly on volunteers. The tennis park has eight smashcourt courts. We have a clubhouse where you can take a shower and enjoy some refreshments after playing tennis.  To ensure that the activities of the association run smoothly, there are the board and six committees:
management committee
youth committee
technical committee
pavilion committee
open tournament committee
50+ committee.

In principle, the park is accessible daily with the club member / KNLTB pass. You will receive this within two weeks after registration. You can use this to open up both the entrance gate and the hall of the pavilion. Through the hall you can go to the toilets, changing rooms and to the bar, if the latter is open. Consumptions can be paid by debit card or membership card. 

Follow training and free tennis
Sportschool Tennis Events provides training for WLTV. If you want to register for this, you can do so here. WLTV membership is mandatory if you are undergoing training on the club courts (or on indoor courts supervised by WLTV). 

Many new members, especially if they have not played tennis before, can join the club to train. You then put what you learned into practice during mutual matches, internal or external competitions or tournaments. Practice makes perfect! 

If you participate in KNLTB tournaments or competitions, your official playing strength (ranging from 9 to 1) is determined annually. Based on this, you can be divided into other groups within competitions or tournaments. This is of course not a requirement, you can also be a member without taking part in organized activities. However, it is fun!It is currently being investigated how new members could come into contact with other (new) members to play tennis with each other. If you have specific wishes or ideas about this, please let us know. 

A selection of the annual activities
Various events are organized annually for both junior and senior members. There are the club championships, spring and autumn competitions and various tournaments. In addition, WLTV is involved in school tennis at KC de Wilderen and TennisKids takes place on various Sunday mornings. The 50+ tournament and Open Tournament for seniors is a concept in the region and attracts many enthusiasts every year. You can register for these and other events via the ClubApp. 

Practical information

Reserve a court
WLTV uses the KNLTB ClubApp for court reservations, among other things. In principle, all courts are accessible for free tennis, if booked and confirmed in advance. Reservations can be made two days in advance.

Via the app you select one of the eight courts, search for your tennis buddy and add him or her. All members can be selected and added by first or last name. If courts are occupied, for example for competition, training or other members, this is indicated. For a single (one against one) you can reserve the court for half an hour, for a double (two against two) one hour. If you have reserved the court via the ClubApp, make sure you are at the park ten minutes before the start to confirm your reservation on the digital hanging board. You do this with your KNLTB pass. Without this confirmation, your reservation will expire. 

During and after tennis
On all courts you can play tennis with artificial light until 11 pm. The on and off buttons are located on the corner of the building at court 4. On court 1, the button is next to the entrance of the pavilion. One is expected to sweep the courts after playing tennis and to turn off the lights when there are no successors for that court. 

Where can I find all the information?
On the pages of this website you will find extensive information (and more) about the above and other topics.  

Download the KNLTB ClubApp to reserve a court, register for competitions and to schedule bar shifts. Register at and to register for upcoming tournaments and to report results of played league matches. Check our privacy statement (in Dutch) before becoming a member.

Are there any questions or comments? Via the contact page you will immediately find the correct e-mail addresses to pass them on. 

And then this ...
A thriving tennis club stands or falls with active members. That is why we expect senior members (<65 years) to make a contribution in the form of a bar service (twice a year) or a seat on one of the committees. This is not for nothing: for each bar service performed, € 7.50 is deducted from the annual contribution for the following year.
Keep in mind that by using volunteers, the contribution remains low and, for example, consumptions in the pavilion can be offered at reduced prices. In this way, WLTV remains not only a place where you can be active, but also a cozy and accessible place to relax afterwards.You can schedule yourself (after logging in) here for bar services or via the ClubApp. Click here for help. Bar services require the IVA certificate (Instruction for Responsible Alcohol Use). This can be followed digitally and takes about 20 minutes. 

If you are interested in becoming active within one of the committees or the web team, do not hesitate to make this known to one of the board members.




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